Arizona Reclaimed Wood

Old Sol Lumber Company specializes in reclaimed wood, vintage lumber, reclaimed barn wood and specialty-aged wood imported and reclaimed into Arizona. We are dedicated to the beauty and elegance that reclaimed wood furniture, cabinets, doors and other designer items can bring to your new home, remodel, or interior design makeover. Reclaimed wood is a hot commodity in the interior design world and has been picking up momentum over the past few years. Recycling is great for the environment, and great for businesses that encourage sustainable living practices. Old Sol Lumber Company’s passion is vintage lumber sources, and reclaiming that lumber to be passed on to the next creative mind. reclaimed wood desk

Imagine a cutting-edge design for your new office. This magnificent design was executed by Brothers Woodworks, with Old Sol Reclaimed Lumber. Truly a one-of-a-kind design and guaranteed to impress anyone who appreciates modern meets old world design techniques. Old Sol Lumber is your Arizona reclaimed lumber resource with new stocks of wood arriving every week.
Reclaimed lumber is experiencing a renaissance, and is proving to designers that something old can be a centerpiece for your next furniture design, interior remodel or ground-up restoration.

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Every old barn tells a story

These aging barns are a display of resourcefulness and work ethic.  They tell a story of the men who harvested the native timber by hand in a land foreign to many of reclaimed barn lumberthem.  A story of the men who skillfully shaped each piece to fit uniquely into the greater puzzle that would ultimately become a timber frame barn. Built to endure centuries of exposure and long work days. Designed using limited resources and unlimited ambition to succeed.  Each barn tells a story of dreams.
The story goes on to include the generations who worked the land and how the American barn has long served as the hub of the American farm. The farming institution has proven to be the backbone of our nation. These barns are uniquely American, each one a small piece of the fabric from which our nation has been built.

cart_horse_old_sol_lumber_coBy design, these magnificent structures continue to pass the test of time. When properly maintained, these barns will last perpetually. In reality, many old barns have fallen into disrepair.  Lack of maintenance combined with an industry shift to corporate farming has left many vacant. Many no longer serve the needs once demanded of them. Some are demolished and burned. Some are left standing empty like ghosts of days gone by. At Old Sol Lumber Co., we serve as a medium through which new life can be breathed into the wooden bones of these American masterpieces. We believe each piece has a story, a story worth telling… worth reclaiming.

re•claim (re ‘klåm/) verb: to retrieve or recover (something previously lost, given, or paid); obtain the return of. past tense: reclaimed; past participle: reclaimed